Accepting responsibility is the first & most essential act of empowerment.

Developing your Intuition & Dowsing Classes

Join Dr. Jeanette Wolfe for a journey to your inner sense, combining meditative techniques & hands on dowsing!

Just as radios, cell phones & wifi pick up information from unseen radio waves, pendulums, divining rods and our brains are powerful antenna that receive information from vibrations & energy waves emitted by people,places, thoughts & more.

Research by many scientists indicate that pendulums &; other dowsing tools respond to electromagnetic energy that radiates from everything on Earth & beyond.

Offering you two series of Divinition &; Dowsing:

Opening to your “Inner Sense”  with Intuitive Dr. Jeanette Wolfe.

Learn to once again trust your Innocence : your “Inner Sense”.   Explore opening to your intuition through meditation, vibrational removal of blockages that impair your intuition,and modalities of divination, including pendulums, rods, bibliomancy & a variety of simple systems that you can use every day.

    Dowsing &  Reading Energy
This series will teach the basic principles of dowsing (pendulum, rods, body dowsing) and then expand your techniques to allow dowsing to become a practical tool in your daily life. Topics to be covered: Basic Forms of Dowsing – Which Technique Resonates Best For You; Dowsing Charts – Types, Uses and Benefits; Dowsing For Daily Living; Dowsing Without a Chart; What Works/What Blocks Us; Dowsing – Where To From Here.

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Accepting responsibility is the first & most essential act of empowerment.

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