Accepting responsibility is the first & most essential act of empowerment.

Geomancy/Feng Shui/Intimate Ergonomics/Space Clearing

Dr. Wolfe offers remote and onsite Feng Shui, Intimate Ergonomics, Space Clearing, & Active Vibrational Repatterning according to ley lines and energetic pathways such as crystalline ridges, water issues et.
Utilizing Geomany, Sacred Geometry and Vibrational Re patterning techniques clients notice a remarkable shift in the energetic of a space according to the highest good and divine blueprint of all inhabitants of that space.
Information regarding optimum and ideal placement of furniture, symbolism, colors, sounds and scents are an adjunct to her vibrational re patterning and aligning of a space. Personal Astro cartography synchronizing is available and adjusts the needs for each individual inhabiting the space.
Her many and varied projects include:
Princeton Forrestal Village,
Princeton Center for Yoga and Health
The Bronx Terminal Market
Various offices at U.N.
Various offices at Ralph Lauren
Assorted churches, Boutiques, Retail chains and their warehouses, hospitals, schools and many personal homes.
Allow Dr. Wolfe to support your highest good in synchronizing your space with your joy.
Call for appointments and quotes. (732) 406-6865
Ergonomics & Feng Shui

Having studied with four different schools of Feng Shui tradition around the world, Dr. Wolfe can analyze your personal space, offices, schools and retail space to change the energy in each area. She does this by understanding the purpose of the space and bringing it into supporting harmony by working with:

  • Colors
  • Lighting
  • Furniture/Symbolic Art
  • Spatial arrangement
  • Persoanlized Astrocartography & local space charts
  • Geomancy
  • Plus the varied & multiple factors that can make a difference in how a space supports specific goals and purposes,
    including Energetic pathways, Ley lines, Electromagnetic frequencies, Dramatic events etc..

Comments on: "Geomancy/Feng Shui/Intimate Ergonomics/Space Clearing" (1)

  1. HI Dr. Wolfe,
    My friend, Beccy Hager, suggested I take a look at your website and have found it to be very interesting. Beccy raved about her experience at the Consciousness Class last spring. I’d love to know more about the process. I wish you were closer to Charlotte!
    Any chance you’ll be here in the near future?


    Hi Carmen!
    Looks like I will be back in the spring! More gifts have been “downloading” and I am just putting the next level of clearings and exercises together! Thanks so very much for getting in touch and sharing! If you would like to send me your email for updates, you can send it to me on
    Much love and warmest wishes! Looking forward to meeting!

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Accepting responsibility is the first & most essential act of empowerment.

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