Accepting responsibility is the first & most essential act of empowerment.

Intuitive Counseling/ Reformatting the Path

Intuitive Counseling/ Reformatting the Path:

Through your countless life experiences you have learned to recognize truth. Know that the words, wisdom, energy and resources of these pages can stimulate an awakening in you. It will awaken that which you may have forgotten. It will be a remembrance of the power and ability of who you truly are – that which you already know in your heart. Dr. Jeanette Wolfe is a conduit for you in achieving balance in clarification of living in the highest frequency and life quality for you at this point in time.

Your vibrational state of mind, emotions or matter can be shifted, changed or transmuted through the application of the human mind once it is aware of the creative nature of vibration and principals of mental alchemy. This claim is founded upon the premise that all that we are, see or perceive around us as physical creation, or even subtle energy phenomena, is the result of the manifestation of thought. What you think, feel and believe is what you create. This includes our life circumstances and the health of our physical body.

Combining her Intuitive Gifts and the principals of Cosmic Law (of the Creator) also known as the Hermetic Principles, Dr. Wolfe offers Vibrational or Frequency balancing & clearing of old blocks that no longer serve you.

Step into  clarity & balance.

Sessions are available Via phone & In person, Private, family & corporate sessions available. Call for appointment. (732)406-6865 $150. per 55 minute session


Dear Jeanette, Keep me posted of when you are putting together a group for the consciousness class. It looks to be incredible work, clearing and cleansing. I will say though that after our hour of healing/energy clearing over the phone today, I feel incredibly empowered and grounded. I feel centered and in control of my destiny, strong, and not under the manipulation of those who have been pulling my strings! We will see what transpires in my marriage counseling session tomorrow followed by my personal therapy session… both having begun 5 weeks ago when it appeared that the world as I knew it was imploding. Thank you for helping me reclaim the heart, soul and spirit which is mine! This is a beginning!

Agreement to Participate in a Research and Educational Program

I, the reader/participant in counseling/classes acknowledge that I am fully aware that Jeanette Wolfe and her associates, students and apprentices are not medical doctors, or any other kind of medical practitioners or professionals. They have not represented themselves in any way as possessing any traditional medical training whatsoever, and they have not prescribed, diagnosed, treated or recommended any particular treatment, medication or substance for me in respect to any injury, ailment, complaint or disease that I may possess.

I have not been cajoled, coerced, threatened or persuaded by Jeanette or her associates, students or apprentices to undergo or partake in any particular treatment, medication or substance, or to take any plan of action. I freely acknowledge that any unorthodox or unusual treatment, medication or substance and or information that I may utilize is done with my full awareness and acknowledgement and is of my own free will. I fully understand and acknowledge that all consultations and services provided by Jeanette, her associates, students and apprentices are solely classified as education and research resources and is strictly a spiritual art. I fully consent to and acknowledge my participation as a volunteer to assist in this research and education of my own free will.

I, the reader/participant, do for myself, my heirs, successors, executors, administrators and assignees, hereby release and forever discharge Jeanette, her associates, students and apprentices, their heirs and his heirs, successors, executors, administrators and assignees, from any and all actions, causes of action, claims and demands for or by reason of any damage, loss or injury to my person and/or property which heretofore has been or hereafter may be sustained in consequence of any advice, substance or treatment which I may use or consume in any respect of and for any attempts by myself or anyone on my behalf to cause temporary or permanent relief from the symptoms of any injury, ailment, disease, complaint or condition with which I have been or will be diagnosed.

If I have now or in the past experienced or been diagnosed with any disease, condition or complaint, I hereby acknowledge that I have been fully informed by Jeanette Wolfe, her associates, students and apprentices to seek qualified medical advice and treatment from my personal, qualified physician for my condition.

I hereby attest that I have thoroughly read and fully comprehend the foregoing document, and agree that by requesting services and participating in a counseling session or class,to all its provisions.

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Accepting responsibility is the first & most essential act of empowerment.

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