Accepting responsibility is the first & most essential act of empowerment.

Jeanette Wolfe at H’OM’E

Dr. Wolfe’s knowledge of holistic and natural lifestyles and the esoteric healing arts is not limited to her academic and clinical experience, having had a remarkable and eclectic group of experts as her teachers and Guru’s. She grew up with an herbalist Mother and a sixth generation shaman from Europe as her father. Her parents, both as healers taught her to live consciously and honor every aspect of Nature. She has been wildcrafting tinctures, teas, remedies and crafting jewelry, clothes, and creating sacred space inspired by Mother Nature since the age of 5.

Her childhood experience provided a vast in depth, hands on laboratory for her to explore the cause and effect of the elements, minerals, foods and the wonders of Mother Nature’s Apothecary showcased in her mother’s ever green and flourishing gardens. Her own personal experience with autoimmune issues has provided her with extensive insights into alternative and effective healing tools and deep and abiding empathy for her those who seek her out.

Numbers always spoke to Dr. Jeanette Wolfe about the rhythms of life.. At the early age of 18 she challenged a personal reading requested of Kevin Quinn Avery a renowned numerologist, who promptly invited her to private study with him. She is forever appreciative of his insights and brilliant awareness’s and utilizes numerology as a basis for her daily basis.Dr. Rita Byrne, a direct student of Edgar Cayce re-ignited her abilities to align both human and environmental energies.Suzy Miller, renowned Awetism advocate and vibrational channel and Larry Porter supported Dr. Wolfe honing and clarification of her abilities.Through her own and her son’s personal healing journey and that of many hundreds of others she has gained the ability to facilitate quantum shifts in healing and consciousness for entire groups of participants. Using principals of quantum physics, Dr. Wolfe is capable of tapping into the morphogenetic field of those present to assist them in clearing blockages to higher awareness and consciousness nearly instantaneously.

Dr. Wolfe’s research in her privately funded Life Lab has generated unique approaches to subtle energy healing and energy psychology using Numerology, Sacred Geometric Healing Codes & The Sacred Language of Light and Geometry. This consistent Spiritual focus has resulted in the development of thousands of clearing techniques and modalities to facilitate the transmutation of discordant energy and blockages from the human subtle anatomy and consciousness and the Earth environment.
The Creator has bestowed upon Dr. Jeanette Wolfe a unique ability to distill the essence from an extensive body of healing knowledge and practice. Her teaching methods and techniques are lucid, down-to-earth and easily understood by all. She is skilled in fielding questions and providing succinct answers that immediately impact the student’s reality and consciousness. In her constant quest for higher Truth, she has become an accomplished intuitive channel capable of psychically transmitting knowledge and ability to her students and clients to foster retention and rapid application of the sessions & trainings. Throughout the her lifelab series , sessions and trainings, blocks, barriers and issues are cleared to accomplishing the techniques effectively. A series of attunements and empowerments are also conducted to enhance the healing abilities of the individuals process.. This vast knowledge base coupled with these exceptional healing tools support individuals to accelerate their personal growth at quantum levels with ease and grace.

Dr.Jeanette Wolfe believes that human beings are amazingly powerful co-creators endowed with limitless qualities and abilities by the Creator of All That Is. She also subscribes to the theory that most, if not all issues of the human condition are the result of blockages to the flow of vital life force energy throughout the body and energy field. Her teachings are premised by the assertion, “You are limitless” and all of her gatherings and sessions purvey higher levels of awareness. These sessions have been described as “life altering” by many.

Dr. Jeanette Wolfe combines her multifaceted life experience with training as an Herbalist with her origins in her mother’s garden and wisdom, herbal & spatial studies with Ralph and Lahni D’Amicis, Naturopathic studies at the Clayton School and with Hulda Clark. Jeanette is an Empathic Vibrational Healing Channel, Numerologist, Eco-philosopher, Intuitive Ergonomic Designer and Feng Shui Master in the creation of the space to inspire & heal you to live more balanced & conscious lives. Her greatest teacher is her son Samm, Raphael & Drethun Leonis.

Dr. Jeanette Wolfe has helped clients live their highest goals and dreams for over 28 years. By integrating her understanding of ourselves as energy beings, with specialized applied kinesiology modalities, energy psychology, energy medicine and Naturopathy, you can get to the ‘causal level’ of what’s really going on and expedite profound and permanent change with grace, ease and fun! Besides teaching lay people and professionals these invaluable skills, She currently works with medical institutions through privately funded research, schools, corporations and individuals to empower all who seek her out to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually!

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Accepting responsibility is the first & most essential act of empowerment.

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