Accepting responsibility is the first & most essential act of empowerment.


” I AM NOT SAMM” shares my experience as the mother of a multidimensional sensitive BE’ing. Supporting the new kids, their parents and all who are ready to embrace the vastness of Be’ing..

Few parenting books describe living life on planet earth from this viewpoint, and in this book I share what has worked for my son and me in facing all the challenges that parents face when a son or daughter who is sensitive, different by societal defintion enters the “systems” of education, health care, sports, special services, or extracurricular activities. I am writing to share the truths of being afraid, of realizing no one…that is, no medical doctor or teacher, or even his own father could help or understand my son but me, and as I write this now, I know that I likely never completely “understand” him and his experience and yet I am in witness and honor of him. I share how we dealt with his illnesses, his soul travel, his ability to heal animals, and the human judgments we encountered about the extraordinary. I am writing to share the deeper bond of love that connects souls through time. Most of all I am writing the translation of my son’s experience of being as he stated at the age of 13 :“I am NOT Samm, I am all that is. I am the collective.” His greatly enhanced perceptions, attentions, memories of what was and is and what is to come may indeed be considered a “hyper” condition yet hyper in it’s grandest sense and not one to be medicated into numbness or slowed down to make it palatable for us less able to digest such vast amounts of information from all dimensions.
My son has demonstrated his openness to other energy dimensions throughout his life. His compassionate heart reaches out to help others. Yet his gifts also became his health challenges as his soul learned to live in the human body.
Could it be true that one-fourth to one-third of our children today, sensitive like my son, have an illness, allergy, sensitivity, immune system disorder, or some other symptom of living in a toxic physical or emotional environment? Our children’s sweet spirits feel pain, distress, and discomfort in their physical bodies. As parents, we can empower ourselves. We can empower our children. Our first step is educating ourselves about the solutions, specifically the solutions that work for your family.
Our story depicts the spiritual bond between a mother and her son, or truer to form…a son and his mother who dreamed, no, who actually“met” before his birth. We’ve forged a fierce loyalty in surviving tough times; we’ve taught each other as we’ve grown together. We are here to model to whomever is ready to relax into the joy of Being. We write to help you dismantle the definitions of what you thought you are or had to be, to show you what you are not by helping you let go of fear and to open your memory of you to the brilliance of what you have chosen to experience in the most simple, gracious loving way. We are here to share our journey of what we may define as fear and pain in it’s origins as it unfolds into truth, alignment, joy and love.

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    Can’t wait to purchase your first copy!!

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Accepting responsibility is the first & most essential act of empowerment.

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